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Vision & Mission

As a business, owned by members who market their milk to us, we are focused on the creation of tailored and innovative milk solutions that meet the needs of customers around the world.

Our Vision

To execute a progressive business model by creating tailored and innovative milk solutions that expand the global relevance of dairy and enhance its prominence in human nutrition.

Our Mission

To enable the business objectives of our member-owners by processing milk solids into value-added products of trusted quality that consistently meet customer expectations.

Our Beliefs and Values

  1. Being market driven.
  2. Making customer satisfaction, efficient operations and profitability a priority.
  3. Engaging in business improvement activities.
  4. Conducting business with honesty, integrity and respect.
  5. Making a positive impact.
  6. Using our skills, knowledge and experience daily.
  7. Challenging the status quo.
  8. Acting responsibly and ethically with the public.
  9. Creating safe and healthy work environments.
  10. Inspiring a culture of wellness.