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What is a dairy cooperative?

A dairy cooperative is a business, which is owned and controlled by the dairy farmers who produce the milk used by the cooperative. At Foremost Farms, we use our member-owners’ milk – more than 5 billion pounds a year – to manufacture cheese, dairy ingredients, butter and fluid products for various markets and applications.

Advantages of ownership

Our 1,700 dairy producers reap economic benefits of owning the cooperative in several ways. Foremost Farms’ member-owners:

  • Receive a competitive price for their milk
  • Enjoy a strong, secure market for their milk and global market access
  • Own a flexible, diverse network of plants that can quickly switch production to manufacture products garnering the highest marketplace returns
  • Can take advantage of a variety of services aimed to help keep them profitably producing high-quality milk
  • Share in the cooperative’s net income and re-invest a portion into the cooperative’s operations

Benefits to customers

Our customers trust us to provide the highest-quality dairy products and ingredients from the highest-quality milk. That’s because Foremost Farms is owned by the dairy farmers who produce the milk used to make every Foremost Farms’ product. Everyone at Foremost Farms has a vested interest in producing world-class dairy products, operating with honesty and integrity and delivering superior customer service.