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Cheese Pilot Plant

Foremost Farms has an in-house cheese pilot plant that our technical service and product development specialists use to run small test batches for commercial customers. Located within the Foremost Farms’ dairy manufacturing facility in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, the pilot plant can make 100-pound batches of cheese for development projects.

New Product Testing

  • Our cheese pilot plant is designed to manufacture all-natural, premium quality American and Mozzarella cheese varieties
  • It’s equipped with a cooker and stretcher to perfect new product and make procedures
  • We use it primarily to help with our existing customers’ new product ideas


  • Customers bring us a new product idea
  • We run trials at the pilot plant level first
  • Then we move to the plant level to test under real-world manufacturing conditions
  • We perfect the product and the make procedure before our customer places an order